About The Publishers: Erika Veduccio and Charlotte Linde

EATS Publishers

Erika and Char:

Both originally east coast girls, Erika is from New England and Charlotte is from Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.  You can find Erika now enjoying the sunny skies in the laid-back beach community of Carlsbad, California.  When not spending time with her family,  you may find her exploring tide pools, local eateries, or creating meals out of leftovers that could be served at any well-respected restaurant.  Charlotte is now a "captured" Iowan who resides in Cedar Rapids for 11 years now.  Although always an East Coast girl at heart, she is enjoying the slower paced family-friendly culture of the mid-west.  Self-taught cook and caterer, she has been cooking in the kitchen since she was nine years old.   If the days are not full of watching her kids in tournaments and competitions,  you may find her enjoying a nice glass of red and charcuterie board with friends and neighbors at her kitchen table.  

These girls are #FoodieMoms who love to try a bite of everything, so if you sit next to them at a restaurant, be ready to share. They wear many hats, but one thing is certain - and that is their love for food and family.

Now... for the love of food... let's EAT.