Campfire Safety That's Also Tasty!

Edible craft!

By Jamie Guillet ~ MK Publisher North Attleborough-Fall River, MA June 26, 2012
Camping season is here!  This is a great activity to do with kids to get them excited about camping, to teach fire safety, and/or to teach basic fire building skills to slightly older children. 

1. The plate represents a cleared, safe area on which to build a fire 
2. The mini marshmallows (or m&ms, gumdrops, etc) make the fire ring
3. Pretzel rods can be cut and arranged into a triangle to make the base of the fire
4. Chocolate frosting or crushed cookies represent the dirt (not grass) on which the fire is built
5. Potato stick "tinder" is placed on the dirt
6. Pretzel stick "kindling" is placed on the tinder 
7. Finally, the candy corn represents the flames of a successfully built fire

Eat & enjoy your edible fire!