Five Things to do with Leftover Valentine's Day Candy

By Heather Wirtz February 16, 2016
I bought and/or prepared too much _________, now what?

The age old question in many homes. Each month we will provide ideas on how to use up extra fruits, vegetables and leftover food!

Here are five things to do with Valentine's Day Candy - chocolates and candy hearts:

  1. Have extra boxed chocolates? Shape cookie dough around them and use as a surprise "stuffing" when baking cookies.
  2. Stir a few chocolates or cinnamon hearts into your coffee or hot chocolate.
  3. Use cinnamon hearts or conversation hearts for a counting game or to practice math with your kiddos.
  4. Sort conversation hearts by color or sayings.
  5. Find two different kinds/colors and play tic tac toe!

Suggestions welcome, please share them below!