Super Easy Sangria

By Heather Wirtz December 20, 2016
Homemade is best! Or at least that is what a lot of people will tell you, and for some things this is very true. With Sangria, I am not so sure.

I always think I want to make sangria from scratch, until I realize how many different liquors and ingredients I would need... that is when I get lazy and use a short cut! The best part of this shortcut, most people have no clue it is the easy way out and it is MUCH cheaper too!

If you've ever browsed the wine aisles of the store, you have likely come across a few different bottles of sangria. Most are good, some definitely better than others - I recommend you try a few to find your favorite. When I am not entertaining, I bring lazy to a whole new level and drink the bottled sangria simply over ice - yes some brands are that good!

What you will need:
Bottle of sangria wine
Seltzer or lemon-lime soda
2 oranges, washed, seeded and sliced
2 apples, washed, cored and sliced
2 lemons, washed, seeded and sliced

  1. In a large bowl or pitcher combine wine and fruit, let sit for at least one hour.
  2. Just before serving, add seltzer or soda. You can add a little or a lot, depending on your preference.
  3. Ladle or pour sangria with some fruit over ice and enjoy!
This recipe can easily be customized by adding different fruits, liqueurs or juices. 

You can also make a nonalcoholic, kid-friendly version by using fruit juice or fruit punch instead of wine.