Craft a Snack With Your Kids: Baskets for May Day

May Day baskets are a fun way to celebrate your neighbors

By Charlotte Linde April 16, 2019

Welcome to our monthly feature called Craft a Snack, the place where we get messy and play with our food in the kitchen! 

Kids bored and hungry? No worries, let's get craftin' and snackin'!  

Have you ever heard of May Basket Day? May Baskets are usually given out on May Day, which is observed on May 1st every year. Sadly, it has become a forgotten tradition and many kids, families, and friends across the country are missing out on this fun activity. 

I actually had never heard of May Day Baskets in my hometown of West Chester, Pa., and only learned of it 12 years ago when I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

You will find very few cities sprinkled throughout the country that still celebrate this old tradition, which is too bad because it's a lot of fun!

May Basket Day on May Day started as a celebration of spring after all of those April showers had passed. Neighbors would collect spring flowers and hang them in baskets on neighbors' doors. 

Today, May Basket Day is a day to celebrate spring and neighbor friends. In my neighborhood, it is not uncommon to find a simple plastic cup filled with popcorn and chocolate candies on your porch covered with plastic wrap. 

No matter how you make May Baskets, it is always fun to give them and sweet to receive them. And if your kids are like the kids in our neighborhood, they will like to ding-dong-ditch the most! 

Bonus: This is a great way to get rid of some of that Easter candy. You’re welcome.

What you'll need: 

  • Popcorn, candy, pretzels, leftover Easter candy, cotton candy or any kind of fun treats that will fit into a cup or small "basket."
  • Plastic cups, cardstock paper, or small baskets/buckets 
  • Stapler
  • Craft materials like pipe cleaners. stickers, and poms 
  • Plastic wrap
  • Crayons/markers to decorate paper and flowers
  • Tape or glue stick 


Paper cone: 

  1. Decorate cardstock paper with crayons. 
  2. Fold the paper into a cone and staple. 
  3. Punch holes on each side across from each other near the top for a handle. 
  4. Weave pipe cleaner through the holes and bend to secure. 
  5. Fill with treats and/or flowers and hang on a neighbor's door!

Plastic or paper cup:

  1. Color and attach fun paper decorations to cup with tape or glue stick. 
  2. Punch holes on each side across from each other near the top for a handle. 
  3. Weave pipe cleaner through the holes and bend to secure. 
  4. Fill with treats and hang on a neighbor's door!

Or you could pick up fun containers from the dollar store and fill those:

Want other ideas on celebrating May Basket Day? There are so many to choose from on our May Day Basket Ideas - Pinterest Board!

Happy spring, happy May Day and Happy May Basket Day!

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