By Charlotte Linde May 21, 2019

Spring is in full swing and that means the grass is finally green again, the trees have come back to life, and gardens are starting to sprout.

Speaking of greens -- we can't forget about those fresh microgreens and herbs that we love so much! I'm kinda a BIG DILL because I have my own greens and herbs already sprouting. I enjoy having fresh microgreens and herbs at my fingertips to brighten up my meals all year long. I add them to almost everything from soups and salads to sauces, and even dessert. But while they've sprouted, they are just not ready yet! 

But no worries, say ALOE to our little friend: That's Tasty! 

That's Tasty is the leading grower, packer, and shipper of fresh organic culinary herbs. If you are looking to up your "eats" game - go get you some! (Find out where you can purchase That's Tasty here.)

To get you into the spirit of all things tasty, it's THYME to party with a little giveaway just for our subscribers to Macaroni Kid EATS!

This month, we will be giving away That's Tasty mugs with goodies inside including a set of herb scissors. We aren't just giving away one set! We are giving away FOUR!  

Although things get better with SAGE, don't wait to enter because -- you never know --  THYME could be on your side and it could be MINT to be!  

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