Let the Kids Lunch!

School may be uncertain, but lunch is still in session!

By Charlotte Linde September 15, 2020

School may look different at the moment, but that doesn't mean our kids’ favorite subject is canceled: LUNCH! My kids are at ages where they can make their own lunches, so I like to keep things easy and prepared so that they can grab and eat and get back to learning. Trying to figure out what they can eat for lunch shouldn't be another thing we put on their plates this year. Kraft Heinz and Walmart have taken the stress out of lunch planning and want to help empower our kiddos of all ages to make their own lunches. That's why I love adding a few of these lunchtime favorites that are kid-friendly, easy to access, and, of course, loved by all kids.

We all need something fun to look forward to these days, and lunch is no exception. It's easy to get our kids excited about lunchtime with help from our friends at Kraft Heinz and Walmart: the brands parents trust and kids love. The best part? These items are available at Walmart so you can easily stock up and provide a fun and balanced meal for your kids while you are shopping for any last-minute return-to-school needs.  


Sing it with me: "J, E, Double L, O!” 

Jell-O has been a kid favorite for generations and comes in a variety of ready-to-eat gelatin and pudding flavors. My kids love the chocolate pudding the best, but they won't turn their cheek to any of the flavors. Treat their taste buds to a refreshing strawberry or the heavenly, rich, chocolatey goodness pudding. Jell-O snack cups are quick and easy to grab and go or add as to their lunch as a special treat. 

Bagel Bites

Bagels + Pizza = WINNING! Pizza on a bagel, what's not to love? A mini bagel topped with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni - perfection in every bite. Bundle these goodies together with sliced veggies and fruit and you've got a lunch that they'll grade an A+.

Capri Sun

Made with all-natural ingredients, no added sugar and comes in all sorts of different flavors - these are a staple in our house. My kids LOVE the Fruit Punch flavor most. Capri Sun is the perfect go-to drink pouch that kids can grab any time of day and you'll feel good knowing they are getting a 1/2 cup of fruit and vegetable juice in every pouch, which is one combined full serving of fruits and vegetables.

Trying to figure out what your kids will eat doesn't have to be stressful. Instead, make it teachable. Let's let the kids lunch and stock up on Jell-O, Bagel Bites, and Capri Sun today!

You can find all of these items at your local Walmart at the store or online pickup. 

I have been compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.