This Delicious Prenatal Smoothie Is Packed With Nutrients

One serving of Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix includes 25% of daily protein needs

By Kara Murphy October 10, 2022

Have a sweet tooth while you're pregnant?

I certainly did. Specifically, I craved milkshakes during my pregnancies. But since they were just an indulgence and carried no nutritional value whatsoever, I tried to stay away. My doctor wanted me to concentrate on adding more protein, more fruits, more veggies, and more whole grains to my diet instead.

I never considered a smoothie as a great alternative to get more nutrition into my diet, while also satisfying my need for a sweet treat.

But those of you lucky enough to be pregnant now? I'm super excited to share with you the existence of Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix!

Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix, which comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, will satisfy that craving for a sweet treat while also providing you with much-needed nutrition. When mixed with 8 ounces of 2% milk, Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix provides: 

  • 17 grams of protein in the chocolate mix and 18 grams of protein in the vanilla mix (about 25% of your daily needs!)
  • Folic Acid and DHA
  • A good source of potassium, selenium, folate, and zinc
  • A good source of vitamins A, D, B3, and B5
  • An excellent source of calcium, iodine, phosphorus, and vitamin B12

I especially love the high amount of protein Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix provides because protein needs nearly double during pregnancy. I found it really difficult to reach that protein goal every day while pregnant. Increased levels of protein are so important while pregnant because it helps with birth recovery and healing, and also is important while breastfeeding. 

You can enjoy this smoothie with just 8 ounces of milk (I love the Organic Valley Grassmilk® Whole Milk!) or take it to the next level by adding half a banana, a small spoonful of almond butter, and a splash of vanilla extract. 

Yes, please!

Other ways to add protein to your diet in a healthy way

Along with Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix, there are other great sources of healthy proteins too, of course. Eggs are my top choice. Plus there's also natural peanut butter, nuts, plain Greek-style yogurt, and Organic Valley Lowfat Cottage Cheese.

One of the main reasons Organic Valley is the choice for my family is that it uses U.S. Department of Agriculture Certified Organic ingredients that come from farms that don’t use toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. That means I know when I choose Organic Valley, I'm getting all the good stuff and none of the bad, and I feel confident products are ethically made.

I also love that Organic Valley cares about families by providing amazing choices to expectant mamas like Organic Valley Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix that are packed with nutrients ... and satisfy those sweet cravings without the guilt. Bottoms up!

 Get Organic Valley's Prenatal Support Smoothie Mix now!