The Busy Mom's Answer to Healthy Snacks On The Go? Veggies Made Great!

"Veggies are great!" my kids never said...until they tried delicious snacks from Veggies Made Great

By Amber Nevin, Macaroni KID Wilkes-Barre, Pa. October 12, 2022

For me, veggies are always great. Fresh vegetables from the garden, summer salads, and fresh local sweet corn ... the summer has spoiled us with delicious vegetables. My kids however need a bit more convincing when it comes to getting them to eat vegetables, especially the recommended 4-5 servings per day! 

"Veggies are great!" my kids never said... until they've tried Veggies Made Great delicious snacks! 

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With the kids back to school, fall sports and activities in full swing, and the stockpile of Halloween candy and chocolates that is coming, I am finding it harder and harder to ensure my growing kids are getting healthy and nutritious vegetables in their daily diet. 

We are grabbing breakfast, after-school snacks, and sometimes even dinner on the way out the door and on the go multiple times a week, and the daily dread of packing lunches has already hit me! So I've been on the hunt at the grocery store for some new, healthy, easy, on-the-go snacks and grocery items!

A trip to Target to search out healthy snacks

Last week, we took a Sunday afternoon outing to our local Target in search of some new healthy snacks to add to our pantry. I brought the kids with me, in hopes they would find a healthy snack they were excited about. I've found letting them be a part of the selection process helps when it comes to them trying new foods (this is a great tip, especially for those of us with picky eaters!). 

We browsed a few of the snack aisles, narrowly avoided the Halloween candy, and made it to the frozen foods section, where the girls were quite excited to spot the Veggies Made Great muffins! 

At our local Target, we found in the freezer section a great variety of Veggies Made Great flavors to choose from that my children — one of whom is a will-eat-anything-sweet kid and the other of whom is a somewhat-picky-eater kid — were both able to find something they were enthusiastic about trying! 

I flipped over the boxes to check out the nutrition information, a little nervous about what ingredients I might find in the box of Double Chocolate Muffins the kids were most excited about. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that veggies were the first and primary ingredient, in these muffins and all of the Veggies Made Great products! They are also allergy-friendly and gluten-free which is a huge bonus for our family.

Healthy snacks for me too!

As a busy mom, business owner, taxi driver for the kids' activities, and general family schedule keeper ... well I don't often take the time to look for healthy, easy on-the-go snacks for myself. So I was excited to see the Veggies Made Great products that really appealed to me. I thought the Spinach Egg White Frittatas would be great for a late morning energy boost and the Blueberry Oat and Keto Friendly Cinnamon Roll Muffins would be a great addition to my morning coffee!

The kids were ready to go and eager to purchase their new muffins, so we headed over to the self-checkout with a cart full of Veggies Made Great and a few other bits and bobs (you can never just buy what is on your list at Target!). 

When we got home — shortly before dinner — the girls wanted to try their new snacks. It was easy to say yes since zucchini and carrot were the main ingredients of the Double Chocolate Muffins and the Keto Friendly Cinnamon Roll Muffins.

They loved both muffins and really felt like they were getting a treat before dinner. A win for me! 

On-the-go breakfast I feel good about

The next morning as we were rushing out the door for our Monday morning school run, they both asked to grab a muffin. I was more than happy to say yes knowing they'd be getting a great nutritious snack filled with veggies to start their day!

We are really enjoying our Veggies Made Great muffins and snacks! They are making it so convenient for me to help incorporate vegetables into the kids (and my own!) diet, even when we are the on go. The fact that my daughters don't fight me about eating them is also a huge bonus... I think I can get them to actually say now "Veggies are GREAT!"