S'mores Galore for National S'mores Day August 10th

By Heather Williams July 17, 2018

S'mores are typically known as gooey toasted marshmallows and melty chocolate between two graham crackers... but why stop with just that classic recipe? The ingredients and flavor combinations for s'mores are endless! There are also lots of fun recipes for s'mores-inspired desserts!

Here are some nontraditional ideas that might become new favorites! August 10th is National S'mores Day and the perfect excuse to test a few of them out!

Chocolate and nut:
graham cracker + marshmallow + peanut butter cup
graham cracker + marshmallow + hazelnut spread
graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate + peanut or almond butter
graham cracker + marshmallow + caramel filled chocolate + sea salt

graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate + banana slices
graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate + strawberry slices
graham cracker + marshmallow + lemon curd
graham cracker + marshmallow + white chocolate + raspberry preserves
graham cracker + marshmallow + dark chocolate + orange marmalade

Substitutions for graham crackers:
chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon graham crackers
chocolate or vanilla wafer cookies
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate sandwich cookies
buttery snack crackers

Alternatives to traditional milk chocolate:
dark, semi sweet or white chocolate
assorted candy bars
sea salt chocolate
orange flavored chocolate
chili chocolate

And don't forget, marshmallows now come in many flavors - strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, caramel and more!

Some of our favorite s'mores inspired desserts:

Indoor S'mores Tart 
Waffle Cone S'mores 
S'mores Brownies
Mini S'mores Skewers
S'mores Cookies 
S'mores Trifle 
Grilled S'mores Pizza 
Cast Iron Skillet S'mores

Did you make a new creation? We would love to see it!